Cleaning your Pokemon Bedding Set

A Helpful Guide to Help You With Cleaning your Pokemon Bedding

Pokemon bedding is like all other types of bedding collections in that it needs to be regularly maintined and cared for. This means that you should try to regularly clean the Pokemon bedding set as often as possible. Nobody wants to sleep on something that is dirty and since your body touches the bedding every night, you may want to try to clean the bed collection once a week or once every other week to ensure it is properly cared for. If you are uncertain on how to clean a bedding collection then check out the following tips and tricks to cleaning each individual piece.

Pillows: Cleaning a pillow can be a pain to do if it entices cleaning the actual pillow. However, there is a way around it and that is by using a pillow cover or protector. By using a pillow cover, your pillow will be protected from any stains or oils from your hair. In addition, all you have to do when it comes to cleaning is throw the pillow in the washer and use an all-purpose detergent. This makes cleaning the pillow a lot easier.

Blankets: Cleaning a blanket is pretty simple to do. Most blankets can simply be clean by washing it in a washer or by hand. In addition, you can keep the blanket in top shape by vacuuming it to remove dust and hair, and also letting it dry on a clothesline to freshen out. For cleaning the blanket, you should use a spray prewash and a regular detergent.

Bedspreads: Before you clean your bedspread, you should first check to make sure that it does not bleed. If the bedspread does bleed, then it cannot be clean with the rest of your Pokemon bedding collection. Instead, you will need to get it dry-cleaned. However, if the bedspread does not bleed, you can use a spray prewash on it, and then throw it in the washer with an all-purpose detergent and warm water.

Quilts and Comforters: Quilts and comforters can be easy to clean if they are in good shape. If the quilt and comforter is in good shape, you can just use a spray prewash on it and then place it in a washer and dryer (or on a clothesline for the best results). If the quilt or comforter is fragile, then you should hand-wash it and then place it on a clothesline to dry since a washer and dryer can damage or tear it apart.

Mattresses: Keeping a mattress clean is similar to a pillow. Since cleaning the actual mattress can be an annoying and long chore, it is better to just get a mattress pad or cover to use. A mattress pad/cover will keep the mattress from getting stained and when the pad does get dirty, you just throw it in the washer and dryer. This way, you will rarely have to actually clean the mattress itself. In addition, if you want to make the mattress last a lot longer, you should rotate the mattress every couple months to ensure that the entire mattress gets even wear on it.