The History of Pokemon

How Pokemon Grew to Become One of the Most Popular Franchises

Ever since Pokemon was created, it has risen in popularity at an extremely fast rate and is now one of the most popular anime, video games, and card games. Because of this rise in popularity, it is now common to see these creatures on Pokemon clothing, Pokemon bedding, and other various merchandise and accessories. However, this rise in popularity did not happen by luck. It took years and brand promoting to make Pokemon as popular as it is today.

Pokemon (also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan) was first created as a media franchise by Nintendo in 1996. The franchise first started out as two video games (Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue) and later grew out to be much more. Nintendo was very smart in how they built up its franchise. By first releasing it as video games, and then merchandising it everywhere from television shows to toys and clothing, Nintendo was able to make the Pokemon games one of the best selling games and franchises in the world. In fact, there is only one other video game franchise ahead of Pokemon which many would know as Mario. The Pokemon series of games would eventually grow, with the release of many new games like Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and many more. In fact, there has been a Pokemon game on the majority of Nintendo’s video game consoles.

Pokemon also grew popular in the trading card game area. The trading cards of Pokemon are especially popular among young kids, but even adults still take part in the game. The trading cards of Pokemon were originally developed by Wizards of the Coast (famous for Magic: The Gathering), but Nintendo USA would later take on distributing and publishing the card game when they released Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. These card games have been used in worldwide tournaments and have helped improve the popularity of the franchise dramatically.

Pokemon also became popular through its anime series. The anime series of Pokemon often follows a different story than the video games (with the exception of Pokemon Yellow). In the original story of the anime, the series follows the story of the main character, Ash Ketchum, as he travels around the Pokemon world to capture as many Pokemon as he can. Catching Pokemon is one of the main points to this franchise as the video game players want to try to capture all of the Pokemon in each game. The anime has also been turned into films, and starting in 1998, there has been a Pokemon movie every single year for a total of 13 movies. The amount of movies and the anime series has helped cause the franchise of Pokemon to be very popular.

It is very likely that you have heard of Pokemon. With a popular anime series, a popular video game series, its franchise on many merchandise like Pokemon bedding, Pokemon clothing and more, it should be no surprise to know that this is one of the most popular franchises in the world.